The Importance of Writing

I have now seen on my Facebook newsfeed at least ten times in the last 24 hours, a slew of writers who understand less about the importance of writing because you must versus writing to sell/make a living–and then complain when they can only get rid of free copies to people who don’t care to buy.

I am apparently one of the few not interested at all in selling anything I write. I don’t intend to, I don’t want to, I am simply going to write for me and whoever else might be interested in what I write. I’m writing for the fun of it. I’m not under the deadline gun, and I refuse to be on any kind of deadline other than my own.

When they come out, they will be out for the perpetually low price of “Free”. Period. It’s called “Promotion of Literacy”. They will especially be free to school districts. All of them. ¬†All production costs and minuscule marketing costs will be mine to bear, and I will do that happily. (Yes, I am very aware of those costs. I used to be in the business.)

I don’t blame others for wanting to get paid for their work. That is, after all, what they feel is the ultimate ego-stroke, to be “so good” that people will buy their work. Nobody ever made real money off their egos, anyway. Accept that sites like InstaFreebie do nothing but expand your free market without really getting you more paying customers. A few, maybe, but is it worth it in numbers? And the gripe about newsletters. You’re selling your books. Not everyone wants to buy, and *gasp!* not everyone who has read ONE of your books wants to read another. You just, for the most part, are no Michael Bunker or Nick Cole. It’s time to accept reality, be grateful for what you have, and diversify..

And stop you’re damned whining.

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