The Importance of Writing

I have now seen on my Facebook newsfeed at least ten times in the last 24 hours, a slew of writers who understand less about the importance of writing because you must versus writing to sell/make a living–and then complain when they can only get rid of free copies to people who don’t care to […]

Behind the Plow

Chapbbok One of Flutter By is done, and so we’re on to Two. In it, we meet Jilly, talk to geese, and Dave and Paul continue their antics. We’re about 1/4 of the way through it. The Assassin has killed again. I can’t say I love this character. But I hate her enough to eventually put an end […]

1/4 of the way!

Well, the first chapbook of Flutter By, with a little tweaking, is done. It’ s the first of four, so that’s a quarter of the way. That’s 10,000 words. Helene is about a quarter of the way, too, but I’ll be tempted to fill it out more with personality descriptors. I’d say there’s about 20,000 words […]

Making Gains

We were without power from 2 p.m. yesterday to 2 p.m. today. Since we are on a generator, that didn’t stop me from writing, but the accompanying Internet issues with our broadband service put a temporary halt to researching anything. Still, I got 2,000 words into Assassin, 1,000 into Flutter By, and another 2,000 into the shelter book. […]

Manic Monday

Dave and Paul and I watched geese land in the pond in the back yard. They are the seaplanes of the bird kingdom, Paul says. Dave wished he could do that, and Paul told him to get real since he is afraid of flying anyway. Besides, Paul said, he likes bread too much. The reason […]

Sunday Update

Well, I’m a little late. This was supposed to be Saturday night. I fell asleep on Dave and Paul. Yesterday, though, I got a lot further with Helene and the still-unnamed shelter story as well as with Flutter By. Word counts as of now are not that far. I have been restructuring all three, and […]

Tuesday Writing

     Dave just cocked his head and asked, “What’s your name?”      The other bird’s reply was, “Paul. Paul Abercrombie Finch. Ya geddit?” Dave didn’t. He always thought he knew what a finch resembled. This bird didn’t look anything like that. He looked more like he did—a blue jay.       “That’s […]

Working weekend

Dave and Paul are really full of it today. I don’t know when I’ve heard so many bad jokes and puns in one day. They should start their own gang and elaborate on the J, being the Flying Jokesters. I’ve heard, “Ya geddit?” and “HOT coffee!” so much I’ll be hearing it in my sleep. […]

Fruitful and Exciting!

Yesterday, I put myself in Facebook rehab. By that I mean I’m staying away from it for almost two months. So far it has been the most productive I’ve been in years! I may lose “friends” doing this, but they weren’t really friends after all, were they? The people who want to hang with me […]

Weekend warrior

Some people take weekends off. My brain doesn’t work that way. Another 2,000 words went into Assassin. That makes it a very weird 3,500 words. I did not find anything like it at all on the web yesterday. The subplot for Helene is developing nicely. Added to what I have already, we’re staring down the barrel at 60,000 […]