Working weekend

Dave and Paul are really full of it today. I don’t know when I’ve heard so many bad jokes and puns in one day. They should start their own gang and elaborate on the J, being the Flying Jokesters. I’ve heard, “Ya geddit?” and “HOT coffee!” so much I’ll be hearing it in my sleep. […]

Fruitful and Exciting!

Yesterday, I put myself in Facebook rehab. By that I mean I’m staying away from it for almost two months. So far it has been the most productive I’ve been in years! I may lose “friends” doing this, but they weren’t really friends after all, were they? The people who want to hang with me […]

Weekend warrior

Some people take weekends off. My brain doesn’t work that way. Another 2,000 words went into Assassin. That makes it a very weird 3,500 words. I did not find anything like it at all on the web yesterday. The subplot for Helene is developing nicely. Added to what I have already, we’re staring down the barrel at 60,000 […]

On a roll!

I’ve spent very little time with Dave and friends since yesterday. I’ve been researching particular locations and events during World War I in which Helene may have been involved, and seeing if I can find stories about the same type of assassin as I have planned for the brainstorm I had the other day. That […]

Conversations with Dave

Dave’s a young adult now. We have very interesting “conversations”, the most recent happening last night. We talked about the leader of the Flying Js (a woman named Margaret), Jilly’s idea of flying lessons (which turned out to be scary and very motherly), Paul’s jokes (“Get it?” “HOT coffee!”), and why he has had such […]

Dave and Paul went with me today.

I had an appointment at the anti-coagulation clinic today in Pontiac. I saw both Dave and Paul in the waiting room, as well as what will be the very cranky and demanding leader of the Flying Js. This woman, scowling and clearly angry, came in, picked up the clipboard for diabetic patients and said, “I […]


Today before physical therapy, I was going to set up the rest of the roast from last night to warm and shred for burritos tonight. I was not the one who put it in the fridge last night. Imagine my shock to find that the entire stoneware slow cooker insert, containing meat and liquid, was […]

Bonding with Dave and other things.

I’m taking a break from Facebook…and it may be a while until everyone I know regains their sanity. In the meantime, baby Dave is growing up. He’s preteen now. Book Two. And life goes forward. Have you ever fixed a big supper and no one came home? I may have gotten the date wrong on […]


I just fell in love with blue jays. Now I understand my grandmother’s avocation in ornithology. How could one not fall in love with birds? Such unique personalities! It helps to understand these things so Dave talks less like a human and more like a blue jay, let alone a bird in general. They have […]

Closing in

I’m getting close to completing Book 1 of Flutterbye, wherein Dave encounters a main street and cars, as well as that lost and alone feeling. Second book? He encounters bullying by robins and wrens. In the third, we see the emergence of the Flying Js, a “gang” in the local park. Tough guys, they are! […]