Tolstoy was here.

Red Wheel I includes a fictionalized meeting Sanya had as a young boy with Tolstoy. It was a perfect point in the story and helped me make sense in the beginning as to where this novel was headed. Tolstoy has always been one of my favorites. Underlying all if his works is his philosophy as […]

Solzhenitsyn, August 1914

This is the first in the Red Wheel (sometimes referred to as Red Knot) series by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, recounting the first two years of Russia’s involvement in World War I, sentiments toward the Tsar, sentiments regarding the Soviet Revolution, and enough politics to fill 622 pages of a 1971 6″ x 9″ hard copy in what […]

Artie Cabrera

I talked to Artie a while last night. It is refreshing to spend time with a real artist talking about how he feels about his writing. Of course he doesn’t feel he’s in “The Big Leagues” because the mass market isn’t quite prepared for him. One of the reasons is, as a true artist, he […]


I have revived my spirit. How? I left Facebook’s general timeline behind. The clickbait, politics, “how to write and sell your book” sites for those who can’t spell or correctly use grammar are in my past now. I have three pages of my own: one about Gizzie, another about my single life, and my literature-oriented […]


I have a horrendous stack of print, as well as about 15 need-to-read eBooks. People who write now need to slow down. This isn’t a race…or maybe it is, just not mine. I have 3 ARCs and a pretty decent as-yet unpublished Beta to read. Once I finish the Beta and ARCs, I’m going back […]


It’s been some time since I updated this blog. I haven’t been writing. I’ve been reading. It seems, not that the story I’m writing isn’t important to me, but that reading has hit me like a bunch of commuter buses, one after the other. Sometimes I suffer tremendously from “Ooooh! Shiny!” followed by “Squirrel!” But Helene […]

Reading Weekend

I have  TBR pile over 1,000 books. And yet, I am still distracted by others. I think it’s called “squirrel” syndrome. Lots of people have it. What makes mine so bad is my penchant for history, science, math, and fiction of most kinds. It’s a by-product of my wider sensory perception. That usually means I’m […]

Two steps back

This is not a dance move reference. It has to do with my reading backlog. I have so much new material to read and review, as well as old stuff. Some is so old, I wasn’t even born yet when it was published. Right now, that includes Sholokhov, Willa Cather, Sanora Babb, and the list […]

Reading Update

I’ve been reading and writing a lot. Most of it has been Sholokhov, which I will eventually add to my book list, and lately Bill Schutt’s Cannibalism, through which I’ve been satisfying my hunger for “mo’ science” and laughing at his fabulous ability to inject humor and reach the average “armchair zoologist” in me. I’ve been […]


in·spi·ra·tion [ˌinspəˈrāSH(ə)n] – the drawing in of breath; inhalation.  Two nights ago I woke up at 3 a.m. inspired to write a particular short story. I was up again at 4 this morning to continue. I am now almost 10,000 words into it. I’ve done this much in the span of about 10 hours, so averaging […]