I’m Too Old for This…

Last night, for the first time in years, I stayed up for hours reading and talking about a truly great short story that I’d love to see developed into a full-blown novel. In fact, I came close to begging him for such. He has priorities, though. It will have to wait. (I wish the cats […]

Writers and Literature

This is my day to vent. Bear with me, or just move along. It doesn’t matter to me. Ever since I took literary criticism in college 43 years ago as a part of my English major, and then again in Advanced Placement as I finished my degree, I have read classics and newer authors with […]

Making the Word Count!

I will make the word count for Camp NaNoWriMo. That is the best progress I’ve made in 30 years in the story of Helene. BUT, and this is a big “but”, it won’t be all my own words, so I won’t submit it as something that really counts. It means, to me, though, that fall’s […]

Slaying Tuesday

I desperately need to stop reading about the war and write this very personal story. When it causes horrific dreams, it is time to lay it to rest. I’ve already done a lot of Scrivener-related cleanup today, and I am bound and determined to get past 30,000 words. This has been a very long time […]

My Grandmother

As I have been reading and researching, I have found that the World War I in which my grandmother found herself was more appalling than I’d first discovered. I am pretty sure she didn’t escape unscathed. She was traumatized beyond anything any of us, even in the Second World War, could ever imagine. She was […]

Integrating Atrocities

I’m really having a hard time integrating such massive atrocities into the story of Helene, but they did exist. I’m used to the Rules of War. At the time, the Germans threw those out the window, discounting the Treaty of London, which gave Belgium neutral status. The Germans went so far as to arbitrarily decimate […]

Angry Writing

It’s amazing how your word count goes up when you are angry and have things to say. I imagine I’ll be editing like a madwoman when this is over. I need to cool down. My guess is, once I start editing, I’ll either have two separate book concepts, or I’m just going to have to […]

Unwriting Today’s Version of History

Things are noisy in my head. I really have to let it out. I owe my one German friend an apology for what I am about to write. The barbaric Germans from the early 1900s are absolutely nothing like what I know of Stefan.  I hope he forgives me. I have been shocked to read […]

Plans for the Weekend

I know it’s only Wednesday, but before you know it, Friday night will be here. It’s the only night I set my alarm. Saturday is the one day we actually do things, so it’s best to be prepared. It’s also when I dig in for the weekend. This weekend I plan to ThirdScribe the books […]

Day #1…April Fool!

This is the first day of Camp. Luckily, I cheated and started last night, because otherwise, I’d be late. As it is, I am late to the party. Saturdays, at least for the first couple of hours, are always chaos. It’s standard breakfast out day, followed by grocery pickup–and then med pickup, if they’ve called, […]