Reading Weekend

I have  TBR pile over 1,000 books. And yet, I am still distracted by others. I think it’s called “squirrel” syndrome. Lots of people have it. What makes mine so bad is my penchant for history, science, math, and fiction of most kinds. It’s a by-product of my wider sensory perception. That usually means I’m […]

Two steps back

This is not a dance move reference. It has to do with my reading backlog. I have so much new material to read and review, as well as old stuff. Some is so old, I wasn’t even born yet when it was published. Right now, that includes Sholokhov, Willa Cather, Sanora Babb, and the list […]

Reading Update

I’ve been reading and writing a lot. Most of it has been Sholokhov, which I will eventually add to my book list, and lately Bill Schutt’s Cannibalism, through which I’ve been satisfying my hunger for “mo’ science” and laughing at his fabulous ability to inject humor and reach the average “armchair zoologist” in me. I’ve been […]


in·spi·ra·tion [ˌinspəˈrāSH(ə)n] – the drawing in of breath; inhalation.  Two nights ago I woke up at 3 a.m. inspired to write a particular short story. I was up again at 4 this morning to continue. I am now almost 10,000 words into it. I’ve done this much in the span of about 10 hours, so averaging […]


I just added all the books that are listed on here that I have read. 205! And that doesn’t include old authors, really. That would be like expecting Rob to know every book that was written, as far back as the 1600s, for what I have read, let alone anyone else. Craziness. These days I […]


I have breached a writer’s block, sort of. I still don’t know how to write what I found out, but I’ll do it. It’s just going to take some time. Much of my immediate family has been under the impression that my biological grandfather was not an honorable man. War brings out the good and […]

Writing Can Be Hard…

I haven’t touched Helene  for two weeks. More  information has surfaced, the latest the most devastating to me. I have to figure out how to approach it and not just blurt it out. There’s nothing in the least creative about blurting. And this deserves more finesse than that –finesse in the presentation, not in the brutality […]

My TBR Month

May is the month I usually spend  reading myself “blind”. Almost all else stops.Since Gizzie’s birthday is also this month, I can’t, in all good conscience, ignore him. Besides, he won’t let me. I need to add a book list and some reviews here. That’s another thing. I’m in that mode where I have to […]


I understand networking. I really do, and it’s a wonderful thing in helping you promote the work in which you’re involved and make money. It makes perfect sense for most people. I guess I’m a different breed of cat. Not only, over the years, has trade publication left a very bad taste in my mouth […]

This is not good…

I find myself thinking of all kinds of things to do other than write. My excuse list is long, and then I volunteer to do even more. The list gets longer. It’s no wonder the story of Helene has taken 30 years so far. This time in particular, I have been at it for a […]