On a roll!

I’ve spent very little time with Dave and friends since yesterday. I’ve been researching particular locations and events during World War I in which Helene may have been involved, and seeing if I can find stories about the same type of assassin as I have planned for the brainstorm I had the other day. That one will be loosely based on a true-to-life behavior I have seen. It makes you wonder about people.

In the background, I have been binge-listening to Mercy Street, Alpha House, and now Deadwood.  Amazon Prime has become a close friend, now that I have the computer plugged into the TV. When I break from research, I just flip tabs. I actually found snippets I could use in my stories. So there you go.

Gizzie and I have bonded immensely, and my focus on housework has increased. Long live Sabbaticals from social media!



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